• Start building expertise​
  • Immediate access to appealing tasks​
  • Work when and where you want​​
  • Become an expert fast​​
  • Have money and time to enjoy life​


  • Boost expertise on what you are good at​​
  • Get rid of company politics, hierarchy and administrative tasks​
  • Access to tasks that fit your experience​​
  • Work when and where you want​
  • Have time to unwind and be happy

Seasoned Professional​

  • Get tasks to help companies or others with your expertise​
  • You’re not longer a manager, but an expert​​
  • Administrative chores run automatically
  • Get rid of useless and distracting corporate stuff​
  • Work as much and when you want​​
  • More time for family and things that matter to you​

How we work

Based on your expertise, availability and click with the business owners we get you tasks you can’t refuse.
All administration and payments run through our platform, automatically.​


Your Profile​

Fill in your profile and periodically visit your profile to keep it current and updated. This will help us to match you with the best possible tasks



Let us know when you are available to perform the tasks. Initially, it could be number of hours a week, we are working on giving you more flexibility as availability per day, mark hours when you are available within a day etc.



The system will propose the tasks to you through email, push message or other messaging tools of your choice. All you need to do is to accept the task. The formal contract is triggered by accepting the task between you, the Business who owns the task and ArtesFAST...

Tasks completed

Experts stand
by for you

High tech businesses

High-tech companies trust in expertise through ArtesFAST​

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