Why should I use ArtesFAST?

ArtesFAST is a platform that is designed for experts like you, who value flexibility of time and want to design your own future as an expert, influencer and knowledge leader in your field of expertise, instead of a corporate deciding your destiny. We find the best tasks for you through effective matching of tasks best suited for you and can help you to be viewed as the influencer. We do it using a patented What, When, Whom™ method. This method also recognizes your value sets, motivation etc. and matches you to tasks in companies & hiring managers with matching value sets and drives as that of yours. This helps you to better click with your team in the hiring company and hiring manager and thus viewed as a valuable team member and expert. We are also building expertise centric communities where you can lead and coach other members as well as lead topic-based debates and researches which will help you build a personal brand as a lead expert, master expert and Influencer in your field. Another space we are developing is virtual team spaces in the platform where you can team up with other relevant experts to deliver whole projects to small companies as well as a collaboration space for Start ups to solve their technical issues. Thus, the platform provides abundance of opportunities for you as an expert to engage, develop and enrich yourself and others through your engagement and initiative.

How do I know which roles are available?

The Artificial intelligence matches you with the most suitable tasks based on the skills and experience you shared with the system when you signed up. You may modify, add or delete your details by logging in to your profile. Keeping your profile and availability current increases your chances to be matched with the tasks published by the companies. For higher accuracy of matching, we do not do it based on key words but the AI drills down your skills, projects and experiences to relevant expertise and match them with the need of the tasks published by the companies. So, sit back, relax and let the system work for you to make you a successful expert.

How much do I have to pay for being in the platform?

As an expert, you don’t pay for signing up in the platform. We keep ourselves in the business by making effective matches between your skill sets and the needs of the tasks published by the companies.

How does the system work?

We use a patented 3W method (What, When, Whom™). This method, using thousands – if not millions – of data points from several sources, analyses the information you provided while signing up in the platform, resulting in several core capabilities you are great at. We do the same with the tasks published by the companies and deduce the key skill sets needed to solve their issues in the tasks and projects they publish. We also consider when the task needs to be completed for them to meet their business goals and see if you will be available to complete the task on time. In addition, we look at your preferences and personal characteristics to see if you personally click with the environment you are going to perform the task in. Based on all these analysis result, we make a match that is guaranteed to produce great result for you and for the company who entrust their business-critical task with you. Now, trust the system. It is proven in several sectors such as armed forces, airlines, life-saving medical interventions etc. Let the system work to make you a successful expert.

How do the companies know that I am in the system?

Well, the companies may not know everyone in the platform. But they see the skills concentration and if the AI determines you are the one with highest level of expertise, they get to see your profile through the matches made by the system. The best way to ensure you are the proposed expert is to keep your profile current, maximize the availability, subscribe to the services that will be rolled out in the near future as well as participate in the communities.


Why should I use ArtesFAST?

ArtesFAST is a platform with a large number of experts. We have built a powerful platform based on Artificial intelligence and using a patented 3W (What, When, Whom™) method, we propose 3 experts for your tasks in a very short time whereas the traditional placement process takes months to find and place an expert. Moreover, traditional recruitment forces you to hire a person long term or have the expert on your payroll or expenses as an at-interim person for significantly longer time than the performance of the core expertise. With ArtesFAST, you can get the expensive expert to perform just the tasks which need the core expertise and rest can be done with lesser expensive personnel. ArtesFAST platform enable you to resource your projects in “as needed” basis.

How do I manage all the administrative documentation?

We understand that the administration of contracts, keeping the contracts current and relevant, NDA, invoicing, purchase agreements etc. takes a lot of efforts and cost. Our automated back office management system will take care of all these elements and make it easy for you to manage. We will save your costs.

How can the platform do a better matching than my managers judgement?

We do not compete with your managers. What we do is to reduce their workload so that they can perform higher value add for your business. Our system emulates the human thought process and learns from not only the way your managers make decisions but also from other managers in the platform in similar role and capacity. So, using the data, and Artificial Intelligence that works with a large set of in order to identify critical expertise needed in an expert to deliver your unique task, propose the candidates to your managers. Thus, their time is well used in choosing the most suitable expert for the task from the proposal made by the ArtesFAST platform.

How do I know the experts proposed have done good job previously?

We ask the companies engaged with the experts rate the performance of the expert in several aspects. This quick but focused evaluation is accumulated into a “star rating” for the expert. You will be requested to evaluate the expert you engaged with shortly after the task delivery is completed as well. This, along with the confidence level for matching – which is derived based on the match between the expertise needed for delivering the task and the expertise level of the experts through her/his skill sets will give your managers a good gauge of the expert you are going to engage with.

We need our HR to approve the task performed by the ArtesFAST expert. How can I do it?

We prepared the platform for that. When you publish a task, as a last step, the system will trigger you on additional approval requirements (One approval – either the dept head or HR or Purchasing etc.) and you may choose to forward the task for approval by entering the email address. Once that person approves, the task will be published in the platform and we start working to match the right expert to that task.

How do we compare with our competition?

We use a protected method (What, When, Whom™), which creates significant differentiation compared to the competition in order to ensure best match for your task, at the right time and who will work best with your team. The system achieves this through matching on a AI deduced key expertise from the task description provided by your managers and information on projects and roles delivered by the experts. In addition, we also use a patented invention to derive the value sets of the experts to match with the best possible personal fit with your team and your manager. Competition “rents out” experts to you on an hourly or daily rate, but our system calculates the task price using well established Functional Job Analysis (FJA) method used in healthcare sector (which is used to determine the cost of life saving surgical interventions and medical procedures etc.) Please refer to the comparison table later in the section.