PCB Design Engineer for ArtesFAST’s clients

PCB Design Engineer – ArtesFAST is the largest platform for engineers to find work with high-tech small and medium sized companies around the world. ArtesFAST matches the engineers with the right expertise with the assignments and projects from the companies based on their skills passport – which eliminates the present biases of humans and conventional curriculum vitae (CV) or resume filtering software products. ArtesFAST gives the engineers opportunity to work with several small and medium sized companies and thus build expertise and skillsets which will enable them to be influencers in their field of expertise or domain of work.

We understand the frustrations you encounter in working with a big corporate. We want to give you the freedom to create your own future, while ensuring the stability that a corporate career brings you. Do you want to be an expert in your field or work? Do you want to be perceived as an influencer in the field of your expertise? Are you tired of the corporate career ladder where you do not do anything with your expertise? Work on What you are good at, when you prefer, with whom you work well with! We all love to have freedom. But the realities of life force us to comply with a number of rigid schedules. We enable you to challenge the norms – why work on Monday if you would like to spend time with your family on that day? Why wait for system stipulated retirement age while you can enjoy a mini retirement after each project? Why work on a 8-5 dead end job when you can work on a number of assignments in the field of your expertise? Why settle for a corporate title change when you can be an influencer in a community of experts of your field of work?

ArtesFAST is a platform that is designed for experts like you, who value flexibility of time and want to design your own future as an expert, influencer and knowledge leader in your field of expertise, instead of a corporate deciding your destiny. We find the best tasks for you through effective matching of tasks best suited for you and can help you to be viewed as the influencer. We do it using a patented What, When, Whom™ method. This method also recognizes your value sets, motivation etc. and matches you to tasks in companies & hiring managers with matching value sets and drives as that of yours. This helps you to better click with your team in the hiring company and hiring manager and thus viewed as a valuable team member and expert. We are also building expertise centric communities where you can lead and coach other members as well as lead topic-based debates and researches which will help you build a personal brand as a lead expert, master expert and Influencer in your field. Another space we are developing is virtual team spaces in the platform where you can team up with other relevant experts to deliver whole projects to small companies as well as a collaboration space for Start ups to solve their technical issues. Thus, the platform provides abundance of opportunities for you as an expert to engage, develop and enrich yourself and others through your engagement and initiative.

As a global platform, ArtesFAST opens up the horizon for the engineers. They can choose to work with companies from around the world, thus building experience in working with world class companies in different cultural and business environment as well as build their network from professionals around the world.

ArtesFAST has several clients who are engaged in activities which include PCB Design of highly complex and critical circuit boards who are looking for PCB Design engineers.

Assignment areas for PCB Design Engineer:

PCB Design engineer for consumer electronics application, PCB Design engineer or health care applications, PCB Design engineer for medical technology hand held devices, PCB design engineer for robotic process control instrument, PCB design engineer for measurement equipment, PCB design engineer for offshore application

Deliverables for PCB Design Engineer:

  • Detailed list of documented requirements based on the discussion with PCB design engineers
  • Detailed design ready for production transfer of the PCB within the space and power constraints, for a game console.
  • Detailed design of test setup and protocols to enable in-line testing on the printed circuit boards
  • Documentation for the printed circuit board design (PCB Design) created and the guidelines for future (possible) modifications in consultation of other PCB Design engineers.

Activities for PCB Design Engineer:

  • Apply skills in industry standard tools in preparing PCB assembly and schematic.
  • Produce PCB layouts to develop high-speed and reliable circuits.
  • Root cause analysis and diagnose design related issues in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate with your peers in understanding circuit requirements and limitations.
  • Produce required documentation and requirements specifications for assigned projects.
  • Support PCB engineering, manufacturing and packaging functions as and when required.
  • Review and suggest improvements to existing designs.
  • Develop test procedures and test fixtures to verify PCB functions.
  • Keeping oneself updated with the latest in the industry
  • Component placement and maintain integrity between components.
  • Mentor members and new joinees and provide on the job training for others
  • Maintain compliance with industry specific standards
  • Knowledge about regulations with respect to electro magnetic interference and electro static discharge protection

Experience we expect in PCB Design Engineer:

  • Experience in designing 4-layer PCBs with high power integrity requirements.
  • Knowledge of tools like AutoDesk Eagle, Altium Designer or OrCAD Capture is a must.
  • Experience in electro magnetic shielding and countermeasure implementation.

Qualifications required for PCB Design Engineer:

  • Degree in electrical or electronics engineering. Specialization in digital design and layout design is desired.

Location of work for PCB Design Engineer:

  • Mostly remote work
  • Occasional travel to the site (as needed- based on the request of the employer)

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